VISHUDDA: A Celebration of VOICE - This is registration for those participants staying offsite ONLY!

This Women's Retreat has been designed to acknowledge and speak about our common history and ancestry, and through a series of journey workshops and experiential sessions, we will break though the hidden veils of that which holds us back. Celebrate VOICE through open and interactive discussions, forest bathing, drum journey, music, chant, song and dance and all led by powerful, workshop facilitators, all dedicated to women's development.

Join our powerful community gathering of extraordinary women and just watch and see for yourself, through a before and after photo of your own throat chakra as it becomes unbound and true to itself!

ARRIVAL DAY - If you are staying at other properties in the surrounding area please register at the front desk anytime after 4pm. Enjoy the property, spa treatments, a special meditation class at 5pm, and it is highly recommended to come and have your BEFORE chakra photo and report completed before the official first workshop at 7:30pm.

  • 4-7pm registration, use of property and spa facilities, 5pm welcome meditation, have your BEFORE chakra photo and report completed (included) and bring to this evenings workshop
  • 6pm dinner - at respective locations
  • 7:30pm sharp, welcome ceremony, the science of chakras and your bioenergy results, discussion on the evolution of equality through history and what does the future hold, round table discussion on the common blockages, and finally, we leave you with a song and a reflection for the evening.
  • Rest well! 


  • 10am sharp, reconvene in the beautiful Great Hall following breakfast and yoga and your respective locations, with our personal intentions set, we enter into a fascinating interactive workshop and follow this with the traditional talking stick circle. Ho! 
  • 12pm lunch included, delicious, vegan buffet
  • 1pm forest bathing workshop. Follow the trail to the Grail Springs crystal crop 
  • 2:30-6pm choose which sessions you would like to attend. Register for the one-of-a-kind equine meditation circle offered with our own horse whisperer, sign up for a 25-minute chakra balancing energy session with one of our healing practitioners, enjoy the use of the spa facility - swimming, canoeing, labyrinth walk, medicine wheel workshop and other workshops planned in and around the property all afternoon!
  • 6pm dinner included, delicious vegan buffet
  • 7:30pm Soul Soiree Evening!! A dress-up evening filled with colour, laughter, drums, song, chant, and dance! Wear what speaks for your soul. Bring your drums, chimes, maracas, scarves and your joy!


  • 10am sharp, reconvene in the beautiful Great Hall following breakfast and yoga and your respective locations, with our personal intentions set once again, we enter into our final circle of interaction-action workshop. During this time each of you will step out for a few minutes to have your AFTER bioenergy photo taken and see for yourself the change you have created! 
  • 11:30am final ceremony, group photo and announcement for next gathering

HOW DO I REGISTER TO ATTEND? There are two ways you can attend.

  • BRING A FRIEND FOR FREE IF YOU book a 2-night package at Grail Springs and all of this and more is included. promo code: BFFFVOICE
  • OR
  • If you are staying offsite we have 20 spots available. Registration is $350 and includes all of the above.  To register, simply go to our SHOP and purchase your ticket online!