Sleep Kit

Sleep Kit

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Enhance your sleep with Grail Alchemy soothing bath bombs containing essential oils of lavender, rosemary and balsam fir. Spray your pillows and linens before bedtime along with a bedside diffuser filled with our sleep blend oil. Take our easy travel size lavender balm and roll on on the road with you. The lavender healing balm is also excellent to sooth skin irritations, cuts or bruises.


  • Sleep Bath Bombs
  • Sleep Spray
  • Sleep Essential Oil Blend
  • Sleep Roll On
  • Lavender Travel Balm

100% natural, plant-based

Aluminum free

Therapeutic grade essential oils

Handcrafted in Canada by Grail Springs

Pair with: Chamomile & Lavender Massage Lotion. Gorgeous! Can be used on babies too.